Cultured (Dextrose) Sugar

Cultured dextrose powder is an general clean label preservative to extend shelf life against spoilage microbes like bacteria and mold in products including shelf stable sauces and baked goods. Easily disperses in wet or dry ingredients. Typical starting use rate around 0.5-1.0% by weight.

Cultured (Dextrose) Sugar - PRESERV PC-100 (LIMAX 240)

Product Specifications


Bakery: Cultured (Dextrose) Sugar is easily dry blended into flour or bakery fillings for mold control in both artisan and gluten free baked goods. Start with 0.5% by weight.

Beverage & Sauces: Blend Cultured Sugar along with other flavors, colors, spices are being added ahead of mixing. Use in place of Potassium Sorbate or Sodium Benzoate starting at 0.5-0.7% by weight.

Confectionery: Blend Cultured Sugar into cream or water-based liquid for fresh truffles or sweet caramel and chocolate sauces to extend shelf life. Start with 0.5% by weight. 


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