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Bold Foods,
Clean Labels

Product development to craft your culinary vision into memorable and market-ready foods.

Extend Shelf Life

Find Key Ingredients

Control Costs


Running a food brand
is complicated

Make your path easier with some extra foresight

  • "We're running in circles trying to find the right solution."  

  • "Every ingredient seems important. I don't know where to cut costs."

  • "Our product is unique--we won't do it justice if we simplify it."

You deserve a profitable product
that doesn't taste like cut corners.

Find the path to sustainable sales through well designed formulas and processes


Shed the anxiety of the unknown.
Bring clarity in your path to market.

Seek Innovations

Create your dream product

customers will rush to buy

Extend Quality

Stay true to your brand identity guardrails with right-fit ingredients

nutrition (1).png
Manage Costs

Quality-focused methods to drive profits over marginal sales 

We’ve helped many businesses
refine labels & stand out on shelf

Clean label solutions that help your products move from shelves to carts


"I recommend Brandon to all clients that need help with new products going to market, optimizing existing products in the marketplace, or anyone who wants to do something that’s not been done before."  

Leanne Crosby

Account Manager

Haehl Sales


"As a food startup focused on clean label and health-conscious products, our journey to create a revolutionary candy product was ambitious. We aimed to craft a treat that was aligned with the dietary needs and preferences of our modern consumers. Foresight delivered! And even worked with us to meet strict timelines for retailer evaluation windows. Would certainly recommend their services!




Confectionery Brand Startup

healthy-food (1).png

Your product is unique.
Of course it needs a personal touch

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